How to Transfer Data From Android to iPhone. And Even Apps

Yesterday I moved to iPhone for the first time in many years. I will tell you about my experience with this smartphone, but for now I will focus on the first steps I had to take on iOS. Despite the fact that I haven’t cheated on my iPad since 2011 and use a Mac as my only computer for work and household tasks, I didn’t have an iPhone. I preferred the Android phones, which I replaced every 1.5-2 years, and in general, I did not know a lot of grief. The transition from Android to Android has always been easy and uncomplicated. But how does it feel to switch from Android to iOS?

Which smartphone to buy when switching from iPhone to Android

To start using an iPhone, I needed to transfer data from Android to iOS. To do this, there are tons of apps that kind of back up on one smartphone and then play it back on another. Apple has one of those, too. It’s called “Transfer to iOS. That’s what I used. Going forward, I would say that you should also choose it, because it is the only one that allows you to transfer applications from Android to iOS.

Move to iOS

To quickly move your data, you’ll need to establish a connection between the devices

The procedure for transferring data from Android to iOS is quite simple, so that even a child can figure it out. However, I will describe the key steps, my own hitches and complaints about the transfer methodology.

First, you need to download the “iOS Transfer” app to your Android smartphone. You can do this directly from Google Play.
Now, activate your iPhone, set the initial settings, and on the recovery screen, select data transfer from Android.
Run “Transfer to iOS” on Android and establish a connection between the smartphones as instructed and select the data to transfer.
After 8-10 minutes, depending on the amount of data and the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, the data will be transferred and appear on your iPhone.
Transferring data
iOS allows you to transfer not that much data, and some of the data it says it can’t transfer anyway

It’s important to understand that you can migrate a fairly limited range of data:

  • Google account
  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Photos

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Despite the fact that you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone without difficulty, neither alarms, nor apps, nor notes are transferred. At least, this is not visible on the data selection page. However, the backup from the Android smartphone that is copied to the iPhone contains data about the apps you previously installed. So the moment the copy is complete and you are on the iPhone desktop, you will be prompted to install all of your apps.

“All apps” is, of course, a big word. While the iPhone does pull up some of the software you have installed on your Android, for some reason it does so very selectively. And I’m talking specifically about free apps, not paid apps. But even they are not installed in their entirety.

Transferring applications from Android to iPhone
TikTok, Telegram, State Services, Vkusvill, Lentochka, Mango Insurance, Tinkoff Mobile, Green City, and Eldorado-these and many other apps did not install for some reason. I would understand if they were paid, although even then I could simply offer to pay for the software and download it. But no, Apple lost about 25% of all apps, regardless of what business model they were distributed under.

Installing apps

iOS remembers your apps and lets you install them from the App Store, too bad not all

But that’s okay. What’s worse is that it didn’t transfer SMS to the iPhone. Or rather, no. They did. But it is also very selective. As a result, very old messages that I received a year or two ago were copied, but the new ones from PickPoint, Sberlogistics, Ozon, etc. were either not copied or appeared in the very same place. – either didn’t transfer, or ended up at the very bottom.

Moreover, Apple for some reason put the old messages at the very top, as if these messages had just arrived. In short, it was strange. As a result, I couldn’t pick up my order from PickPoint, because I only found out that there was no text message from them before the pickup. I had to go back home, forward that message with the code to myself, and go get the package all over again.

Apple has shown what Android smartphones can compete with the iPhone

What conclusion can be drawn? Well, data does transfer, albeit in limited quantities. Even apps, which for some reason are not mentioned anywhere about the transfer, are also thinly or thinly transferred, being downloaded already from the App Store. It’s not very convenient that they are not downloaded in their entirety, but it’s still better than if I had to download each program by hand.

Since I have about a hundred of them, I would spend a lot of time on this. So I have no complaints. What really disappointed me was the SMS messages. They all got mixed up, and some of them didn’t transfer at all. I never thought I would regret them, but that’s a fact. So, Apple, learn to move messages between platforms already.