The Best Apps to Monitor Your Health

Lately, a healthy lifestyle has become more and more fashionable. Every day there are new bloggers on Instagram, telling us about the benefits of eating healthy or exercising in the morning. Nowadays, no one is surprised by bad habits or a passive lifestyle. These days, everyone wants to travel, be as productive as possible, and take control of their bodies. I think our selection will help you keep up with the fashion trends.

The best apps for controlling your health.

In recent years, the smartphone has become an integral part of every user’s life. More and more often we integrate familiar things like a day planner or a plastic card wallet inside our gadgets. Now it’s time to take care of the most important thing – our health, and transfer some tasks of its control to the digital space.

Best meditation app for Android

Great minds have said: the best cure is prevention. Good quality sleep is essential to your health. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, I recommend the Meditopia meditation app. In fact, meditation is much more than just beautiful music for relaxation, it’s definitely worth everyone to try. I’ve been using Meditopia for about a year now, and I want to say that life has gotten a lot easier with it. Not only my sleep problems have gone away, but other health problems as well.

The Meditopia app will help you fall asleep.
The app has a beautiful design and is able to impress every user. There are five tabs on the start screen. In them you can see all the available meditations and, very conveniently, a separate tab presents Sleep. A free subscription is enough to get acquainted with the application. Then, if you like it, you can buy a paid subscription. And if not, we have a few more options for other applications that are sure to please you.

Smoking Quit App

If you’ve been wanting to quit smoking for a long time and still haven’t made up your mind, Don’t Smoke is the app for you. The app has a simple and intuitive interface and lots of features. As soon as you enter the application, the program will ask you to fill in some data in order to finally give up this addiction. On the start screen, you need to enter:
– The date and time of the last cigarette you smoked.
– The number of cigarettes you smoke per day.
– The price of a pack.
– The nicotine and tar content per cigarette.
– There will also be some customization settings available.
It’s interesting that lately tobacco manufacturers don’t specify the amount of nicotine and tar, but I’m sure all older smokers know these numbers.

The app is able to help you quit smoking.
Then there is a second screen where the top of the display shows your statistics on the parameters set, and below is a summary where you can learn about the recovery of your body, learn about diseases that are associated with smoking, and calculate your index of the smoker on the calculator.
Special attention deserves the Motivation section, which details the myths associated with smoking, tips on combating the ailment and the benefits of quitting.
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Pill monitoring app

After working for some time in the clinic, I realized how often people forget to take their pills. I have to admit that I often do it myself, but I had no idea that it happens on such a scale. Of course, I would really like to avoid taking pills on a regular basis, in favor of patches, which will independently provide substances into the blood, but until then it’s impossible.
That’s why I suggest that you get the MyTherapy app. With MyTherapy app, you will never forget when to take your pills. And if you do forget, you can always write it down in the app and tell your doctor later.

An app that helps you not to skip taking your pills.
What is interesting about the app is that in addition to monitoring your pills, there is also a function to monitor the symptoms of the disease for which you are taking the medication. For example, you can also enter your blood pressure or blood glucose to report to your doctor.

Calorie and nutrition monitoring app

FatSecret is probably the most popular app for monitoring your diet. I myself have heard of how the program has helped several people I know on more than one occasion. As soon as you log into the app, you will be offered a goal: to lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain weight.
The app is personalized, so you will need to provide some parameters such as age, gender, lifestyle and two weight measures: desired and actual. Based on this data, FatSecret will offer you recommendations on the number of calories per day.

The FatSecret app will help you to maintain your weight.
In order to see the statistics, you need to go to the Diary section. There you can also specify the number of meals and all the foods you ate during the day. Often we snack on the go and forget that this also counts, such snacks often contain many calories. Now that your smartphone is always at your fingertips, you will definitely not forget to enter all the data.
I recommend being wary of this app, as uncontrolled starvation can have serious consequences. If you are really overweight, it is always better to get a doctor’s consultation about it first. Especially in our country, this is done for free.
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Blood pressure monitor app
Since 2000, the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease has increased by more than 2 million, and in 2019, it reached almost 9 million. I must say, the numbers are impressive. To monitor patients’ heart health, doctors recommend using a blood pressure diary.

Monitor your blood pressure with the Cardio Journal app

Many people keep it in a paper version, but I suggest using the Cardio Journal app for this purpose. It will allow you to record your blood pressure and heart rate numbers and always keep your ear to the ground. The app has a simple interface that even an elderly person can handle with no problem.

The app has the following features:

  • – Save and display your systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse
  • – Set reminders so you do not forget about the measurement
  • – Analyze tonometer readings
  • – Make graphs based on statistics
  • – Easily export as an Excel spreadsheet

Keep in mind that the app doesn’t know how to measure your blood pressure on its own. Despite the fact that some smart watches already have this function, it does not work everywhere. Especially since this way of measuring is not a medical device, and doctors still recommend using a tonometer for this purpose.
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