The Best Financial Accounting Apps for 2021

In recent years, a large number of people have been talking about financial literacy, investing, and other ways to rationalize their income. Modern banking apps know how to count fund statistics, but they are often inaccurate and require post-processing. In this article we share tips on how to analyze your budget and offer you the best applications for accounting your own finances.

Right now, all of social media is literally saturated with stories about financials. There are a huge number of courses online from young and successful guys who earn from 100 thousand a day and share their experiences. Sometimes it seems like they got rich on these very courses promising wealth. As in any other business – you have to start small. And I suggest you start with statistics by answering yourself the question: Where does most of your money go?

Always when it comes to money and wages I personally have only one wish – money must always be there. I want to live in a way that completely frees the mind from material needs and leaves time to think about eternal things. I have never analyzed how much I spend per month, per year, per 5 years. But one day, when I opened an expense analysis in a banking app, I found myself completely confused. The amount I spent in a month I had never dreamed of. Then, in total confusion, I closed it and never opened it again. Instead, I started writing down all of my expenses in the Notes app and keeping a diary of my expenses. I wrote down literally everything, from a chocolate bar at a nearby store to major purchases, like mobile devices. The efficiency of this procedure was tremendous. I did not cut back on my desires. They fell away on their own as soon as I pulled out my phone to make the expenditure. It was time to make things easier for myself. The good thing is that there are so many apps for this now.

Finance – simple and convenient

The application attracts first of all by its beauty and convenience. There is no more need to drown in the maze of banking applications. The program takes care of everything. It is convenient that the application can automatically calculate balance on each card and then turn all expenses into clear diagram form. An important point of any finance app is sorting by various categories, date and amounts. If the standard categories aren’t enough – you can always create your own. I think that every Russian now dreams of having a salary that is not tied to the domestic currency. For those who are able to do so, the app allows you to account for finances in different currencies. It will also be convenient on vacation.

Money – minimalism in the app, but not in life

The app initially sets a goal that most users want: to find out where the money disappears to. It’s a very simple app. Unlike the previous one, the analysis of expenses is presented in the form of a chart. Personally, I find the chart more familiar, but it is good that the developers give us a choice. Of the pleasant things I can highlight: the accounting of debts and savings in a separate menu and family access, with which you can keep income together with the relatives. The data is synchronized via cloud storage. Of the unpleasant, users note the small number of categories, there are 8. The application has a paid subscription, for which, of course, I will not pay. And I wouldn’t advise you to either. With it, the functionality is expanded with more categories, the ability to add income manually, in case you do not get paid every month.

Cubux can chant QR codes on receipts

Another great app for keeping track of expenses. Personally, I liked Cubux’s design the best. The app emphasizes analytics, providing clear, clear graphs and another killer feature – a pre-determined budget. So, you can limit the amount per category and see over time how you’re doing. There is also an option to make a shopping list before you go to the store. The possibility to scan QR codes on the receipts has pleasantly surprised. Now it is possible not to enter the data about the operations manually. If you are worried about the safety of your information – Cubux has backups and synchronization with your iOS device or web version.

AndroMoney – time tested

What we call “heavy artillery”. The maximum simplified design and a large number of features on board. Perfect solution for ultra-budget segment of devices or for older generation of users. Allows you to have multiple accounts, supports popular cloud services Dropbox and Google Drive and backups.

For credit issues – Money Manager

The app allows you to control income, expenses and generates an overall cash flow each month. Among the features are the ability to monitor credit card repayments and PC access via Wi-Fi, which makes it much easier to monitor your cash flow. All statistics can now be viewed on the monitor screen. In addition to categories and subcategories, Money Manager is able to add frequently used transactions to the Favorites section.

How do you keep track of your budget? Do you use separate applications for this, or do you record everything manually? Please share your experiences in our Telegram chat.