The Best Reading Apps for Android in 2021

Slowly but surely, paper-based media is being replaced by electronic versions of text documents. This concerns not only reading documents, but also fiction. Reading on the phone began a long time ago, but with the advent of frame-less smartphones and tablets, users began to turn to books much more often. In this article we chose the best applications for reading on your device.

Reading books on mobile devices has come a long way to the present day. Many people I know transferred the process to smart electronics back on the Symbian platform. Then e-books were introduced to a wide audience and never came to the masses. A few years later, tablets came along and reading became even more convenient. And now, in 2021, we are back to reading on our phones, primarily because we value mobility. Wherever you are, you can take your smartphone out of your pocket and immerse yourself in the world of literature.
In our selection, we will not touch the comparison of services and talk about the many supported formats, because most applications can do it.


  • Cool Reader – simple and tasteful
  • AlReader – the best solution for budget devices
  • Insanely beautiful eBoox
  • The most flexible reading platform Moon+ Reader
  • Librera – reading apps for all occasions

Cool Reader – simple and tasteful

I was introduced to this app in 2019. I was reading on my tablet. The first thing I noticed then was the design of the pages, which is offered in the form of a scroll of paper. It wasn’t until I tried other apps that I was able to appreciate it. The beautiful thing about the scroll is that it doesn’t strain the eyes. I used to spend 3-4 hours on “War and Peace” and it did not seem tedious. And this at a time when smartphone screens were not adapted for reading. Despite the old, by the standards of 2021 interface and the lack of quality animations, I can safely recommend it to you!

AlReader – the best solution for budget devices

I started reading with AlReader back on the Windows Mobile platform back in 2015. The authors of the application emphasize in advance that the “reader” is designed exclusively for fiction. The design is made in cool colors and equipped with all the necessary functionality. I fell in love with this app for the quality local library with excellent sorting of books and a progress bar at the bottom of the screen, I, after each page read, it was extremely convenient to control the time spent reading. Progress in reading apps is often at the top, which I don’t like at all. AlReader is disciplined.

Insanely beautiful eBoox

Don’t rush to pelt me with tomatoes for the outdated apps you don’t need. Yes, I did see dinosaurs. Good reading apps, like wine, only get better over the years. For true visual lovers, I suggest the following – eBoox. Great design: light and dark themes, light and pleasant design, no ads – all this makes eBoox the best app for reading. A nice bonus is the multiplatform capability. It is possible to read not only on Android, but also on iOS devices. Books can be synchronized using Google Drive.

The most flexible reading platform Moon+ Reader

What sets Android device owners apart from other operating systems? Of course, the need for flexible settings and full customization. There can only be one pitfall in this tactic – the time spent on this customization. Moon+ Reader partially solves this problem. Once you open the first book, Moon+ Reader prompts you to customize the tap zones and choose from several templates. After that, you can go into the menu and make settings for gestures, text display, and automatic page flipping. A record number of supported formats, customization of tap, swipe, scroll, marker notes – a real must have. Another killer feature of this app is reading statistics. But there is one minus – advertising. The app has a paid version. It costs 599 rubles and allows you to disable advertising and synchronize books in Google Drive or DropBox.

Librera – reading apps for all occasions

Reading apps are very similar, but each one has its own nuances. Librera lets you read not only fiction but documents in different formats and even comic books in different versions. The app has three modes: basic, advanced, or music. The basic mode is used for simple reading, the advanced one is more suitable for working with documents and is distinguished by the function of notes. For working with documents, the search function comes in handy, allowing you to browse a specific page before viewing it. The third mode is the music mode, which allows you to work conveniently with notes, for example, set the automatic scrolling of notes at any speed.