Zoom and Tiktok Are the Most Popular Apps Quarantined

Over the past month, these two apps were the most downloaded for both iOS and Android.

Zoom and TikTok were the most popular apps in Uzbekistan during the quarantine period, data from analytics service App Annie suggests.

From March 15 to April 14, those two apps were most often in the top three most downloaded apps for both iOS and Android.


iPhone and iPad owners started to actively download Zoom on March 16, when most companies switched to home-office. The app had been ranking at the top until April 14:

Android smartphone owners joined in a little later – here the surge came on March 23, when it became known that almost all companies were being restricted.


The popularity of TikTok among iPhone and iPad owners in Uzbekistan during the quarantine period is a bit different. Although there has been steady growth since mid-March, there have been occasional drops. Nevertheless, since the beginning of the month TikTok has not left the top 3:

Android smartphone owners are less interested in TikTok. The app ranks 10-15 here, but that’s the best growth rate because before the quarantine, the app was in the 15-30 spots:

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